Questions To Get To Know Someone

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questions to get to know someone

In this world no one can live alone. Every person has relation with other. As we can say that this world revolves around the people. It is very necessary for people to know each other. So for this we prepare a list of questions to get to know someone.

Some peoples don’t know each others but they want to know some peoples. It is only possible when your know about the list of questions to get to know someone. Today in this blog  I will  tell you some question to ask people for understanding their behavior. Through these question you can easily understand other person.

List of questions to get to know someone are given below

  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. What is your favorite movie?
  3. What is your favorite cloth brand?
  4. What is your favorite month?
  5. What is your favorite animal?
  6. What would you do if you will won the lottery?
  7. What is your favorit t.v personality?
  8. What is your favorite job?
  9. What is your favorite business?
  10. What is your favorite country?
  11. What is your favorite game?
  12. What is your favorite car and phone?
  13. Do you like technology?
  14. DO you think money is necessary for happily life?
  15. Do you like business or job?
  16. Do you remember your first crush?
  17. What is your favorite sports to play and why?
  18. What is your way of relaxing?
  19. Do you think education is necessary for successful life?
  20. What types of people you like most?
  21. What is your favorite political personality?
  22. Who was your most interesting friend?
  23. What is something you can never understand?
  24. Do you think anyone can affect your life?
  25. What is most depressing movie?
  26. What is your favorite fictional character?
  27. What is the worst thing you almost did?
  28. What would be the title of the book about your life?
  29. What do you hate?
  30. What is your favorite sad song ?
  31. What is your favorite song lyric?
  32. What is your plan to get rich?
  33. What are your plans of life?
  34. What is your favorite old memory?
  35. How do you deal with lonliness?
  36. Do you have any girlfriend?
  37. What is something in your dream life?
  38. What would you like most in your life?
  39. What makes you most uncomfortable in life?
  40. What is something you will never understand?
  41. What is your favorite planet?
  42. What is the most useless thing in this world?
  43. What is the most useless fact you know in life?
  44. What search engine you used most?
  45. How long you can go without your cell phone?
  46. What is your favorite comic book?
  47. Who is your role model?
  48. What is your favorite fictional character?
  49. Do you like snack?
  50. How did the military change you?
  51. How do you deal with depression?
  52. What fictionalworld would you love to live?
  53. Who is your family black sheep and what did they do?
  54. What is your strangest habit?
  55. What is the best decision you made in your life?
  56. What brightens your day?
  57. How do you forget bad memories from your life?
  58. What makes you feel happier than anything in life?
  59. What is the funniest movie you have seen during your childhood?
  60. What’s something you wish someone would say to you?
  61. What was your parent’s favorite sayings when you did something stupid?
  62. What is the last lie you told with your family?
  63. What book has an impact on your life?
  64. What was the darkest period of your life?
  65. What’s the best fruit to put on pizza?
  66. What is a good career choice for someone?
  67. What books have you been reading recently?
  68. What’s your worst Alone moment?
  69. What’s the point of living?
  70. Do you think exercise is necessary for good life?
  71. What is your superpower?
  72. What have you always wanted to say of someone who is gone?
  73. What is your current health issue?
  74. Which countries have you visited?
  75. Which countries did you love and which did you hate and why?
  76. Do you believe people should follow their dreams?
  77. What animals would have humans as a pet?
  78. What is the best advice you have in your life?
  79. What is something that you can do perfectly one-time but never again?
  80. How many movies do you watch on weekend?
  81. What is your worst fear concerning death?
  82. What is a story that always makes you laugh?
  83. How would you explain your job to a five year old?
  84. What is something you would like to see happen in your lifetime?
  85. What’s some of the best things you’ve heard someone say in their sleep?
  86. What does fear smell like?
  87. What y’all mad about today?
  88. what was your first car?
  89. What does your daily diet consist of ?
  90. What are some of your favorite yearbook quotes?
  91. Why do some people actively use their cell phones during movies?
  92. What do you look like?
  93. What is your favorite restaurant?
  94. What is your favorite season?
  95. What is the best day of your life?
  96. What is your idea for a new sport?
  97. What shows are your guilty pleasures?
  98. When did you realize your pet was an idiot?
  99. What is the most recent thing you laughed at?
  100. You have 15 seconds to live. What do you do?

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