Questions to Ask Your Crush

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Questions to ask your crush

Hello guys today I am telling you about most interesting topic. It is not essay for a person to ask question from his/her crush. I have many questions to ask your crush. People cannot live alone in this world. These questions are very helpful to you for understand your crush.

List of questions to ask your crush

  1. What is your favorite of all your senses and what use of that sense is your favorite?
  2. Whats something that can always make your heart melt?
  3. What silly thing can bring you to tears of joy?
  4. What do you like to do for fun?
  5. What is your favorite moie?
  6. Do you like romance?
  7. Do you like go out for dating?
  8. What is the most dangerous thing that you do regularly?
  9. What is the most valuable business in the world ?
  10. What makes you special?
  11. What is your favorite pet name?
  12. What s your favorite celebrity name?
  13. What is your favorite colour?
  14. Do you like children?
  15. What is the most dangerous thing that you do regularly?
  16. What do you do when a girl looks at you and smiles?
  17. What genre of books would you keep in a collection under your bed?
  18. What is the absolute worst place you’ve fallen asleep?
  19. What is your hobby?
  20. What is your bad habbit?
  21. What fictional character is your crush?
  22. What TV show is your favorite?
  23. What do you do in free time?
  24. What are your dreams?
  25. Do you like to share your past relationship?
  26. What is your favorite country for journey?
  27. Do you believe spend money on shopping?
  28. What is your favorite job?
  29. Do you like animal?
  30. What is your favorite sport?
  31. What’s your felling about me?
  32. What is your nick name?
  33. Would you want to eat something from my hands

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