250 People Reveal The Lesson They Learned After A Failed Relationship

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250 People Reveal The Lesson They Learned After A Failed Relationship

“Waiting for a man to change is the biggest mistake a woman has ever made.”

“If they are not ‘what’ you want in the beginning, move on.”

“Self-love is the foundation of any relationship.

“No matter how good you were together once the other stopped choosing you, it’s over. Also, no matter what you’ve been through… you gotta thank them for the memories. I’m pretty sure it’s not all bad. Just thank them but don’t dwell on it.”

“Don’t expect a cheater to change. If s/he is always looking for attention of others after all you give, it’ll never be enough…and/or s/he’s may be a narcissist.”

“Never beg someone to love or be with you, because if someone truly and utterly cares about you, they will treat you as a priority.”

“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other and how much ups and downs you’ve shared. If he decides to leave and turn his back from you, there is nothing you can do. But you can always regain your balance, so long as you have not lost yourself in the process of losing him. Above all, love and respect yourself.”

“No matter how much you want your relationship to be your last, you cannot force someone to stay if they choose to give up on you.

Also, you can’t force something that isn’t meant to work out in the first place.”

“Love yourself more than you love him
Love yourself more than you love him
Love yourself more than you love him
Love yourself more than you love him
Love yourself more than you love him
Love yourself more than you love him
So it’s not gonna hurt dat much when things didn’t work out.”

“Sometimes it’s better to let go and move on than it is to fight for something that only one of you truly wants.”

“Proving yourself will never be a guarantee that he will choose you!!! Love yourself!!! That’s all you have! YOURSELF!!!”

“Some may be more suited for you than others, and you may think you found the perfect person for you but the ONE is a myth. I don’t believe anyone who says they found the ONE because the person you found is someone you liked best from the pool you were exposed to, and not the entire population on the planet. Obvious gross incompatibilities aside, there is no ONE perfect person for you that you need to constantly be in search of. Bottom line, every relationship, whatever the degree of compatibility of the couple, is a lot of work and can survive only with willful commitment to work on themselves and the relationship. You, your partner, and your relationship will always be works in progress. Embrace that. You can’t give someone everything all the time, nor can you expect it. You are both perpetually learning from each other and life, growing together and trying to give each other the best, also bringing out the best in the other person. The grass always seems greener on the other side, but realize the value of what is in front of you. This doesn’t mean you settle or compromise beyond your breaking point. Just learn to appreciate things for what they are rather than be deluded into a never-ending search for something better; spoiled by every iteration of ‘happily ever afters’ in the movies and books. Real life starts AFTER the fairy-tale ending in the books and the movies.”

“Don’t be too dependent on your emotional needs to others. Love yourself enough that you need not to look for a love from others.”

“Learn to forgive no matter how much the person caused so much pain and no matter how hurtful it is. Forgiving is always associated with forgetting. Forget in a way that you need to move on and keep moving forward even if that person is no longer with you in crossing those paths. Forgive and forget will give you peace of mind.”

“When someone continues to hurt you, end the relationship. It really is that simple. It matters not who they are. Put some boundaries up; if they still hurt you, move on!”

“The relationship with my ex-wife ended 25 years ago but we have a son together. I’ve cut her out of my life and only have a relationship with my son. She continues to manipulate every situation. Hard to move on when she still needs to control everything.”

“When they start trying to change you or quiet your voice, let them go. Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you think love is hard. True love should be as natural as breathing. Don’t ignore your instincts. Be with someone who values you completely…and who sees you the way you’ve always wanted to see yourself. Someone who would never intentionally hurt you verbally, emotionally, or physically. Someone who can apologize sincerely. Someone who is all in…your teammate, your partner in life…they don’t make you work for or prove your value to them or your relationship. Someone who makes your relationship their priority.”

“Have your own life. Make yourself happy. Don’t rely on someone to make you happy. Enjoy spending time with yourself. Have self-fulfillment.”

“With any relationship problem, there are three sides to it: his (or hers), hers (or his), and the objective reality. I have seen way too many promising relationships being abandoned prematurely because one or both of them are unwilling to consider the objective reality owing to the reinforcement of their own negative delusions. Everyone thinks they are right and what suffers is something beautiful together that could have been.”

“God has better plans than I thought I already had for myself. And wait for God’s perfect timing. Stop putting everything on a hurry. Know your worth.”

“Once consistency stops and distance starts, it’s time to stop lying to yourself and leave. Stop making excuses for him. Because there will be a time where all you find yourself doing is giving. And that feeling of being empty comes into play. Almost like you are being robbed of life. Don’t be afraid to be alone. Because it’s so much worse being with someone and STILL feeling alone.”

“Be happy
Be positive
Never regret meet anyone coz each of them teaches you something
Forgive and forget
Don’t ruin your self-worth just because you trust.
Don’t be a cheater just because your ex didn’t appreciate your loyalty
Appreciate everything
Try to let it go. You deserve to be happy
Learn from the positive one leave the negative one
Love yourself before you love someone else
Stop judging yourself
Get a life!
Last but not least.
Be beautiful. Be rich. Be you. Be a Queen.”

“Forgive and move forward. Don’t chase. The only things that can change a person’s stance/perspective on a failed relationship are time and experience. People, once removed from a situation, can better evaluate their own mistakes, find solutions, and come to less-clouded decisions. It’s cliche as all hell, but ‘if you love someone set them free, if they cone back it was meant to be’-just remember it goes both ways; love yourself enough to set yourself free, also.”

“Be brave enough not to sacrifice self-respect.
Never expect from broken promises.
Continue living up with your dreams no matter how broken or how devastated you are.
Don’t ignore the red flags that consistently show up.”

“Don’t EVER disregard red flags. Never settle for less than what you deserve. Be firm, know your worth. Never lower your standards. Be strong enough to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. You could bend for them, but don’t ever break the rules you’ve set to protect yourself. Be wise, every single time. Some men are manipulative and love to play the victim. Show them that shit doesn’t get to you. If they’re guilt-tripping you, be rad enough to point out their shits. Don’t be afraid to backfire. Like when they say, ‘Okay so I am not doing enough then.’ Oh yes lazy-ass! Your words mean nothing when your actions tell otherwise! ‘Don’t worry, I’m used to being dumped.’ Why the hell don’t you change your ways then?

Don’t.baby.them. Be fierce, girl.”

“I always tell myself there’s no such thing as a failed relationship…it’s just two people whose paths were only meant to cross for a little while.”

“Always go with your instinct if someone doesn’t feel right for you…and walk away rather than settle or expect them to change…whether they change or not is out of your control!…and ALWAYS learn something about yourself from that experience to inform yourself in the next one!”

“I’ve learned that it’s not easy to handle the pain….Really, very painful. If I get a chance to bring back the past, I wish I didn’t meet that person.”

“I am a hard-headed strong woman and I deserve someone who accepts that and does not expect me to change. I deserve someone who has my best interests in mind and understands that my dreams comes before anybody else. I deserve someone who loves me so deeply that my cheeks hurt from smiling too much and that learns my way of returning love. Without all of the failed relationships I would not have learned any of this.

Heartbreak sucks, but without pain we could never appreciate the good. I do not regret a single relationship I had or how it turned out; every end and bad situation just makes me more ready for when I find the ‘one.’ I have gained insights and friendships I could have never imagined and I have grown to be more myself at every end. So here is to you, relationships of my past; without you I would not be me.”

“People come and go. You don’t get to choose who will stay. A nine-year relationship ended over a month-old ‘not so good kind’ of friendship. When it’s time to choose, guess who did he let go.”

“Not to date DJ hipster vegetarians. I should’ve know better when his pants were tighter than mine and I had more muscle mass. Lmao.”

“That even after years together with no previous signs they can still snap one night and beat the crap out of you in front of your kid without provocation. Relationship done, left that night after leaving the hospital. Not looking back.”

“You make your own happiness. You shouldn’t take the blame for someone else’s bullshit; they have to own their own. Don’t let anyone hit you or talk down to you. Learn to say ‘enough is enough.’”

“That you have the right to speak up about how you feel, not needing to be afraid offending your partner especially if it’s the truth.”

“Don’t settle for less than you deserve. If that person makes you doubt yourself and can’t accept your past mistakes, flaws, shortcomings, and differences, then he’s definitely not the right person.”

“No matter how much you love the other person, never let them hurt your self-respect and always trust your gut feelings; blind trust leads to destruction.”

“You can’t settle. You may have started out great, but the second you both start to realize you want different things, it’s time to let it go. No matter how much you love that person, you need to love yourself first. Also, if there is no trust, you are not gonna last. You need to be able to trust your partner.”

“One of the important lessons to learn is to not chase after people. If you lose someone, don’t allow their absence to make you lose yourself, too. You were fine before you met them, so you can learn how to be happy again without them. You are strong, beautiful/handsome, and you will be okay.”

“Love and prioritize yourself. That is the best way to protect yourself from people who want to hurt you. Love without regrets, but learn how to say NO and be assertive as possible. Do not be bossy, demanding, or clingy. Remember, love is a simple thing to do. Do not over-complicate things.”

“I learned that you need to have your own life as well. We thought that it’s ideal if you and your significant other do everything together. But you know what? It’s no good. You need to be happy on your own. Don’t depend your happiness to her/him. I also learned that trust is important and so is honesty. No matter how hard it is. Trust fully and be honest. It’s not a failed relationship. It’s a successful one. I learned a lot from it. I am treasuring all the memories.”

“Love hurts and it’s overrated, but you don’t have to suffer from it. Love yourself first and the right people will come. It may take a lot of work, patience, and mistakes, but what’s meant for you will be there.”

“Don’t rely your happiness on someone else; you’ll get hurt in the long run. Always leave something for yourself. Trust God; He has greater plans for you. Seek His will in all you do and He will show you which path to take.”

“Actions speak louder than words, never lower your standards or allow anyone to treat you badly, and you can’t force anyone to love you-if they want to walk away just let them, look forward to the better things that are coming rather than wasting tears over someone who isn’t worth it.”

“Listen to your heart AND your brain. Sometimes, as much as we want something to work, if it’s not meant to be, you have to be realistic and walk away. Life’s too short to waste trying to make something work that just won’t.”

“Love yourself more. Value your worth so if the relationship fails I know it’s painful but you will handle it by faith and you can survive without that person. Every failed relationship is a way of learning to become a better you.”

“Age is not an indication of maturity. A man can be in his 40’s and still behave like a teenage boy. It’s about how willing they are to make changes and step up to challenges. I have friends in their 30’s or 20’s more mature than this guy. It isn’t in how great they initially are already. Don’t bank on that. It’s on how open they are to change and stepping up to responsibility. Also, if you catch him lying about important things thrice. Different important things. Once is forgivable. Twice can be considered, but three major lies indicate something really wrong with this person and his lack of respect for you as a human being.”

“Don’t ignore the red flags. Don’t ignore those quiet, subtle thoughts that you have in the beginning that it’s not going to work. Pay very close attention to a person’s choices that they’ve made. People show you the person that they want you to see and hide what they don’t want you to see. It can be years before you fully know someone, and then it may be too late to get out. So, trust your intuition. Pay attention to those thoughts that pop up from your subconscious. Those red flags are moments when they’re giving you an accidental glimpse of who they really are. The choices that they’ve made prior to you are the choices that they’ll make with you. Biggest warning sign of all is to watch out for the perpetual victim. That person who has one story after another of things that happened to them and they are the victim of someone else’s actions. They will continue that with you. Nothing is ever because they made a bad choice. Nothing is ever their fault. They take responsibility for nothing. You will be one more person that abused them in some way as they are crying about it to someone new.”

“The importance of fighting fair. When you’re angry and just saying anything you can to hurt the other person, whether it’s true or not-that’s not fighting fair. You can never take back the things you say in those moments and the other person can never forget them. My husband and I fight plenty, but even when I am at my angriest with him, I don’t fight dirty and I never say something just to hurt him. An argument should still be productive.”

“It’s important not to get TOO wrapped up in your emotions. Love and attraction are important, but you have to be realistic, too-if you each want completely different things, that’s probably not going to be the best fit. Be able to recognize that you can love someone and they can love you back and you can still be wrong for each other.”

“1. Never expect the same kind of love you give in return…you’ll end up focused on the ideal relationship you want…which ain’t gonna happen.
2. Trusts vs. mistrust. If you can’t, he can’t, either. Be open and vocal.
3. If it changes you, you’re either fooled or prioritized.
4. Being loved twice as much you love them is way better.
5. Accept pain if it breaks you.
6. Stay strong.
7. Karma hits hard. Let them have a taste of their own medicine.”

“Relationships are work, but after being in a good relationship v. a bad one, I’ve learned that while the work can be hard, it shouldn’t make you miserable.

The work should feel rewarding and not make you stressed beyond belief.

I hate that saying that the more you suffer for a relationship, the stronger it is. No. That’s bull. The right person won’t make you suffer.”

“That until love is tested by trying times you will not really know who loves truly. Wait till adversity comes; it’s easy to love when it’s all rosy!”

“I guess I could sum it all up to patience. I was too impatient with myself that it caused me to question my self-worth and made me dive into a relationship I wasn’t ready for. I was too impatient with others that I assumed that we were going somewhere, but I was wrong…I was too impatient with everything that it caused me to be frustrated with how things were going in my life…I guess with time, I’ve learned to be more patient with myself and understand my value as a woman. I’ve learned to be patient with others in understanding their true intentions, and more importantly, I’ve learned to be patient with God’s plans for me, because I know what He has planned is waaaaay better than what I have planned for myself.”

“That it is true, you accept the love you think you deserve. When you realize you deserve better, it kind of smacks you in the face. I didn’t equate the disrespect I was used to receiving as anything but being ‘pushed to be better.’ These days, I am pushed to be better by someone who shows their love and support for who I already am as well as who I want to become. I know now that I deserve a great love, and I found it.”

“Don’t stay just because you’re afraid of what others think. Don’t see leaving as failure. Knowing yourself well enough to know when something isn’t healthy for you anymore is a great accomplishment. Chances are that your friends and family are waiting for you to leave anyway and are prepared to jump to help you.”

“If they’re willing to run at the first sign of trouble rather than work through it, walk away.

As soon as you become an option, walk away.

If they’re not willing to ‘Love’ all of you (the good and the bad), walk away.

There will be someone who will love ALL of you including, your flaws all the way down to your core.

Forgive those who have hurt you, as peace of mind heals the soul.”

“Love with your heart. Not with your whole heart, though, leave some for you.

Don’t regret. Learn and move forward.
The flaws will appear in time. Don’t force yourself to accept the flaws of your relationship because it will eventually break you.

If it’s over, it’s over.

Don’t fall in love right away. Heal and grow.

Ask all the questions in the beginning to save yourself from a possible heartache in the long run.

Give space, but talk things out with your partner.”

“That there’s no one that really got away. No, they did not get away but it was a choice of either you or the other person. Two separate ways. Because if you guys are really meant to be, no matter how long or short the relationship is, you will always find ways to stay.”

“Always give the benefit of the doubt. Just because you’re married does not mean you can treat your spouse any way you please. A desperate needy woman is very unattractive. You will be OK. Hating that person only chains you to him/ her, forgive and you will be free, not because that person deserves it but to set yourself free.”

“That you cannot allow yourself to be in a relationship with some unfinished issues with yourself. It is really important that you have to know yourself in every aspect so that you will know exactly what you really want. The other one is be in a relationship because you really want to be with that person and not just because you just want some company. It’s truly unfair for the both of you being stuck in a relationship just for the sake of being in.”

“Someone who truly loves you would never leave you to deal with depression on your own after they get knowledge of it. And most definitely won’t do it over Whatsapp and while on a business trip to Sweden, especially if it has been 10 years. And then come back when they see you’re finally doing better and are ready to move on to better things/people.”

“Make sure that you are not the only one who has anything to contribute to the divorce. Because the useless, disrespectful, entitled half will take it all and still ask, ‘Where’s the rest of it?’ So make sure you tell them to get off of their ass, work harder, save money, start a retirement account, and don’t blow $30,000 out of our business account on non-business-related purchases and then blame others.”

“I learned that no matter how long you’ve been together…or how many times you’ve given forgiveness…or countless time where you chose the love you have over other things that can be a great opportunity for you…they will still LEAVE YOU…the painful thing was when they just left you without answers on why…I realized that they are not as all out for you as you are to them…and that they only think of themselves rather than you or the things that could hurt you…The more you forgive…the more you get hurt…but you will always reach the end point… when you reach that? Stop. Move on. Cry if you need to…but then when you’re done…Focus on what matters…be brave and learn to love and take care of yourself more…Pray for GOD’s love and guidance…”

“Don’t miss out on something good just because it’s different than what you planned. Sometimes, it’s okay to change your dreams and take a chance. And sometimes, love just isn’t enough. But if you are lucky, when one door closes, whether on purpose or accidentally, another will open.”

“Never regret what happened with you and your ex; things happen for a reason, Don’t get mad with your ex, forgive him and forgive yourself as well, learn to accept the fact that it is over, remind yourself that there’s always better to come along, and surround yourself with positivity.”

“We’ll meet that perfect person in our life but no matter how perfect they are sometimes they are just not perfect for us. At the end of the day, we should just be happy having to meet the person we used to love who also loved us, and accept the fact that relationships end because on the long way run we tend to say things we don’t mean and hurt the person we love and who loves us. You don’t talk to each other like that before but now you do.”

“I won’t shed another tear for someone who can’t talk about what is going on. Relationships are work and rewarding when both put in the work…”

“If they don’t accept you for who you are and help you become a better person instead of constantly criticizing you and judging you for your faults, then they do not truly love you. Love should happen through the good bad and ugly and if they bring you down instead of lifting you up then they ain’t worth it.”

“To always listen to your intuitions and acknowledge your instincts! That ‘little voice’ that tells you some things that someone is doing and saying is toxic for you, should never be ignored because this voice you hear is your wake up call to finding yourself again!”

“Don’t let yourself be pressured into a relationship you don’t want just because all your friends like that friend better, the person keeps crying about it, and everyone is saying ‘you should give them a chance.’”

“Don’t stay for a one-time high if they’ve given you an all-time low. You can’t be the only one giving 100% all the time while they give you 100% once in a blue moon.”

“People are fickle and treat partners like disposable objects now with so much social media & too many choices…a simple disagreement and it’s just too easy to swipe right /left or whatever to find another. Sad world.”

“Don’t ignore your own feelings. If you think that the relationship you are in is wrong, then it is. Never settle for words, always pay attention to how they treat you. And don’t forget to not get lost; make sure you know your way back.”

“- Never sacrifice self-respect. If someone no longer respects you and is talking down to you, be brave enough to walk away.”
– You can be angry, but never say something that will hurt her feelings. It may remain on her mind forever.
– Be strong and continue living up to your dreams. Your happiness and decisions in life shouldn’t depend on someone.
– Give yourself time to heal.
– When you’re done moving on, don’t be afraid to love again with the things you’ve learned from the past. You sure are a better person now.
– Love fiercely. As long as you’re happy, don’t be afraid to take risks. Love without regrets.”

“That every ‘I love you’ doesn’t come from the heart, but its just to please the other party.”

“To be careful not to be too selfless, because they will use you. They know what’s your weakness.


That even the ugliest guy cheats and doesn’t appreciate.”

“That lashing out and being guarded isn’t the solution to hurt feelings. But if they don’t listen to you when you do verbalize your vulnerabilities, throw their shit in a dumpster and break up with them.”

“Begging someone to stay is the biggest mistake you will ever make. And you’ll regret it for life. Recognize your anxiety on time and control it. Also let go of your past the moment it’s over. Believe me, it has the ability to fuck your present and future together the longer you hold it. And above all, self-love is the answer to everything.”

“It doesn’t matter how much you love him/her. Toxic is toxic and someone better will come along; just be patient, never stop praying. You’ll be able to move on and it will be so much more.”

“You can’t make anyone love you no matter what you have money, clothes, etc., if they really love you then they don’t really care about what you have…and if they show ‘love’ when you have a lot but show no love when you have nothing. then that was NEVER love.”

“Learning to trust God and asking for His guidance and patience. God knows and has the power to change any bad person to good and build love into anyone’s heart for you at any time. Thus, trusting God’s plans is the lesson I have learned . I know for a fact that if one relationship fails, there is another relationship to be experienced.”

“Never ever lose yourself in the midst of loving someone else. Because when they decide to leave, you’re left with nothing and you’ll have to go through all the hard process alone, searching for your lost self.”

“Always always one’s instincts never lie…if you feel something isn’t right in a relationship…then definitely it isn’t right…Don’t brush it off…Don’t give excuses.”

“Never expect another person to change their ways. Don’t ignore the red flags; get out immediately. Never trust someone who cheats on you, and never trust or get involved with a drug addict or alcoholic.”

“Definitely don’t ignore your gut. If you feel like something is wrong, it probably is.”

“Don’t forgive a cheater. They were fine doing it once, they will be fine doing it again and you don’t deserve that.”

“The flip side of ‘you can’t change someone’ is ‘don’t become something you’re not for somebody else.’ You’re better off holding out for someone who accepts you as-is that you also accept as-is.


“That the advice I heard as a child ‘you have to be nice to everybody or they won’t like you,’ was terrible advice.”

“What is meant for you will be yours; learn to let go…there’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you.”

“We all have our own imperfections. I’m not perfect…my partner isn’t, either…but you shouldn’t find perfection in another person.”

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them. Actions will ALWAYS speak louder than words eventually. There will come a time where words won’t mean much.”

“Find someone with the same life goals as you. You cannot spend your life waiting for your partner to be ready when they clearly don’t want the same thing, whatever that may be.”

“People are who they are. You can’t change them. Even if they wish to change (and do), any trauma in the relationship can bring them back right to the beginning and the actions that they revert to.”

“Learn to love yourself first, because time changes us all. People age, grow up, grow apart, and suddenly all you are left with is YOU.”

“1. You cannot love someone so much to make them love you back.
2. Some things end because it’s meant to end.
3. You have to put yourself first.
4. Don’t fight a losing battle.”

“Never expect someone to love you that way you love them. And if someone truly loves you, he would never make reason to hurt you.”

“Never stick around with someone who is willing to treat you so shitty and not feel bad about it. If they’re treating you like shit, they don’t love you or care for you.”

“Understand and practice the person’s love language. It is important to continue to date your spouse and surprise them.”

“I learned that it’s perfectly OK to love someone but not be with them, which freed me from the immature notion that I HAVE to be with the person I love. And I learned that I will love a lot of people, so losing one just makes way for the next one.”

“Nothing lasts forever, no attachments in life with things or other people. Best way is stay in love with yourself no matter what and let the universe lead you.”

“Never give more than they are willing to offer….never wait for the other person to change and leave when it serves you best…Don’t feel bad about it…”

“Don’t settle for unhappiness. Don’t make excuses for someone else’s terrible behavior. Know your own worth and don’t settle for someone who only cares for themselves.”

“‘What’s the quickest way to die every day? Love someone who doesn’t love you in return.’ That’s what I have learned…that kind of pain every day never ends

“Break your own heart first. If you come to the realization that they way you’re being treated isn’t right, end it and stick to your guns no matter what.”

“Don’t force it for convenience’s sake. Learn to say goodbye-you’re not only freeing yourself and the other person from a lifetime of unhappiness.”

“When someone decides they don’t love you, there’s nothing you can do to change their mind. And it has nothing to do with you.”

“Give your very best so you won’t have any regrets at the end, but never ever forget to love yourself. If you know how to value and love yourself, you then know how to love others.”

“You can never love someone without loving yourself first. Self love will make you realize your worth and be worthy of someone.”

“Waiting around for a man to change is the biggest mistake I have ever made. A leopard’s spots never change. It took me years to realize this.”

“Sometimes people just come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Just gotta learn to decipher between them.”

“If he says he doesn’t want to get married and have kids…you should probably take his word for it. Hold out for the man that does want those things.”

“He told me that ‘you can’t love anyone if you don’t know how to loved yourself’ and maybe that’s the reason he had to leave.”

“Not to overdo things when the friendship is still fresh. Keep your feelings to yourself and not complicate things. Now, a friendship is lost. No relationship at all.”

“That even you’ve given everything to that person, if you’re not the person whom he or she wants, you will never be enough. No if’s, no but’s.”

“That relationships are designed to fail 90% of the time and people should be whole within themselves before trying to find someone else to fill the void.”

“Relationships are not doomed to fail. It is a two-person friendship. Both people have to be prepared to sacrifice things to make it work. And both need to support each other through tough times. Relationships are not for everyone, but they are not designed to fail. They are what the two people in them make it.”

“It’s not long how you’ve known each other, but how much commitment you have to sustain. Do not ignore the ‘signs.’ Do not ‘focus’ on the goodness they’ve shown; it’s easy to pretend.”

“That there are people out there who love you so dearly but simply do not know how to express themselves or show their love to you.”

“How long you’ve been with somebody doesn’t solidify the relationship, it’s the quality of the relationship that does that…”

“Despite the pain and headache of a failed relationship, know that you can love unconditionally without any expectations.”

“To stop waiting on others people’s potential. When people show you their true colors, believe them the first time!”

“Supportive of their decision.”

Listen before you project your opinion or thoughts.

Always remain calm.”

“Always trust your gut instinct and be true to yourself. Never let a person make you feel like you aren’t worth the best.”

“Men really ain’t shit; don’t be afraid to drop them, stay true to yourself, always remember who you are.”

“You are responsible for your own happiness and trust is an inside job.”

“I learned that no matter how much you love the person, it doesn’t guarantee that he will stay with you forever.”

“Self-worth, first to listen before jumping to conclusions, if the other person wants to not think it’s the end of self.”

“If someone cheats on you, leave. Don’t give second chances to someone who’s just gonna keep hurting you.”

“If you’re ever afraid of how your partner might react to literally anything you say even if that thing is not a big deal, get out.”

“If someone wants to walk away let them go, Just because a door closes doesn’t mean another door won’t open.”

“Love and compatibility are two equally different things. And a love that is forced is a love that isn’t meant for you.”

“Don’t chase. If he’s not into you, walk away.”

“Don’t depend your happiness to anyone or anything…happiness must be within in you…Being alone does not mean being lonely.”

“Don’t forget who you are while trying to make someone else happy. Things that make you happy matter, too.”

“If someone wants to do something, they will. If they don’t, there’ll be a ton of reasons in place of actions.”

“Suicide is just that. Someone chose to end his/her life. That is not your fault. YOU did not choose it!”

“To engage in a relationship only when you are really in love, and not because you feel needy of love.”

“I’ve learned that my worth isn’t dependent on anyone’s view. I’ve accepted that things don’t always go the way we wanted. That forgiving yourself is harder than the person who hurt you. I’ve learned that being free is better than loneliness in a relationship. That you shouldn’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. That validation from the other person isn’t needed. I am worth it. I don’t deserve being cheated on, being just someone’s fling. I’ve learned that letting go is sometimes the best that you do for yourself. That you would eventually move on and forgive that person. And it doesn’t mean that they’ll be cheaters all their lives. That good people do mistakes. And you’ll be happy for them. That pain brings maturity if you only focus on the lessons. That people come and go. Everything changes. And you can’t just take someone with you all the way if they chose not to. That love isn’t worth compromising self-respect. That love doesn’t feel like a competition.”

“Don’t beg for a spot in his life. If he really wanted you, you’d know it.”

“If a man truly loves you he will do anything to keep you.”

“Don’t expect too much.”

“Once you start thinking if what you’re feeling is just a phase, it’s not. Get yourself out.”

“Pay attention to what someone says v. what they do.

Don’t let anyone make you question your worth and it’s OK to be selfish sometimes.”

“Never leave anything at their house that you would not want to lose. It is not worth the trouble to try to get it back.”

“If the effort isn’t matched, leave.”

“Feeling sad won’t last and at some point, you won’t even think about this guy anymore.”

“Some people aren’t looking for love. They’re looking for help.”

“Time heals almost everything. The pain does go away.”

“If he is not ready, you can never change that. If he really wants you and really wants to be with you, he will never let you go.”

“Don’t trust anyone. Anyone can look you straight in the eye, tell you they love you but never mean it.”

“If it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.”

“Acceptance, self-respect, letting go, getting over, and never stop moving forward.”

“In relationships, the little things are the big things.”

“Being a good woman will never keep a man. The only thing that will keep a man is a man that wants to be kept.”

“The BEST revenge is to move on. No Facebook insta-friends, no following. No thirsty pics. Delete, unfollow, learn a lesson and be fabulous.”

“Never make someone a priority if you’re only an option to them.”

“It always hurts to love someone who didn’t love you enough…”

“Women are not to be trusted. Especially ones of my generation.”

“Always leave some for yourself.”

“That you cannot make someone love you…no matter how hard you try!”

“Be in love with the person, not your love story.”

“You’re not a lesser person for having loved someone who didn’t love you back.”

“Don’t let your compassion be confused for apathy or passiveness.”

“When you he/she lies to you and promises not to do it again, HE WILL. A couple more times because he knows you’ll forgive him. That’s fucked-up love.”

“To never compromise your self-worth to make someone else feel better.”

“That I am worth everything, and that person was not.”

“Do not change yourself to make the other person like you more or to make them feel comfortable.”

“You don’t have to put up with being yelled at, put down, and not appreciated. Oh, that’s three things.”

“You can’t make someone want to change; they have to want it for themselves.”

“I learned that I played a role in why it didn’t work.”

“Giving people lots of chances will just break your heart more.”

“The relationship failed. I am not a failure. I learned that the person/people that leave are NOT connected to my destiny.”

“You cannot force someone to work it out if they don’t want to.”

“Don’t date an immature guy expecting he will grow up, especially if he’s narcissistic. He won’t.”

“If it’s not the right time it doesn’t matter how great you think they are-you aren’t ready.”

“Never abandon Europe to go live in the Amazon with a new partner.”

“You just love the person until that love fades away.”

“What you want can’t always be found in someone else.”

“Stand up for yourself. Make your wants and needs known. Communicate.”

“Never get used to emotional/verbal abuse. You are worth more than that.”

“You cannot give what you don’t have. Love yourself first. Then let love flow.”

“Forgive people, no matter how bad they hurt you. It’s for you, not them.”

“Never try to argue with a drunk, just leave!”

“That if his child/children aren’t his NUMBER ONE priority, it will never work out.”

“Move on sooner than later. Time is the most valuable thing you’ll ever have.”

“Ask more questions, talk to old girlfriends or ex-wives, plus family.”

“Friendships change afterward you lose some people and you gain some amazing ones.”

“To trust my instincts and when I feel that it’s over, that’s exactly what it is…over!”

“The ugly truth is better than a pretty lie.”

“Build on it, use it to grow. Mistakes are only failures when we don’t learn from them.”

“Never share your family secrets…they will use it to haunt you later…”

“Go slow. If someone is rushing into anything you’re not ready for, that’s a red flag.”

“Sometimes, a satisfying lie can do more good than the awful truth.”

“Pain never ends. It may dull it, but it never ends.”

“If your husband suggests you get divorced three weeks after the wedding, TAKE HIM UP ON IT!”

“That people can only change if they want to, not because you want them to.”

“You have to love yourself more.”

“Don’t give too much save something for yourself.”

“Trust that your personal deal-breakers are valid and not to waste your time with someone that sets off the deal-breaker flags.”

“Life goes on and love can still be found.”

“That I don’t need her to be complete.”

“That I’m just not very good at it, and I should probably just get some cats.”

“To listen to my gut feelings next time!!!!”

“Always remember that you can’t make homes in people.”

“Be as good to yourself as you want to be to them.”

“I am the only person responsible for my happiness.”

“Letting go!…don’t be so selfish holding on to something that no longer works for you.”

“Don’t let him change you ever. Love yourself.”

“You can’t fix anyone. You can help them. Maybe. But have no expectations.”

“That it’s not healthy being codependent. I’m good just as I am.”

“Some exes deserve to be forgiven… Others deserve to be forgotten.”

“You cannot expect a fairytale ending with someone who is treating you unfairly from the start.”

“Never lose yourself or change to make another happy. You will end up alone.”

“You’ll never be too much when you’re with the right person. Love makes time.”

“Don’t rely your happiness on anything but yourself.”

“Be yourself. No compromising on that one thing.”

“Communication and trust are the most important; with those you can conquer any storm.”

“If he’s out to change you, he isn’t the one for you.”

“Love is finite. If you keep giving without receiving, you’ll find yourself emptied out real soon.”

“That it’s easy to end up settling for less when you fall in love with a person.”

“That life is too short to be unhappy!”

“To never ever ever live with a man unless he puts a ring on my finger! Done, done and done!”

“Never compromise your own comfort for someone else’s demands.”

“Every single thing that happens, good or bad, is happening for you and your growth & evolution.”

“Don’t love too hard unless he loves you back that hard, too.”

“Give everything, so that you’ll never regret.”

“Stay true to yourself. And don’t be okay with a meddling mother in law.”

“It’s degrading to make someone love you.”

“That second chances are really rare.”

“God knows what it is that you need better than you do!

“People aren’t always who they seem to be.”

“Don’t force someone to love you…Don’t give 100% of your love to someone. Just remain half for yourself.”

“If you feel you need to cheat, leave.”

“You can’t get everything that you want, including how badly you want them to stay.”

“ALWAYS RESPECT YOURSELF. Don’t settle for a man that doesn’t show his true identity.”

“If you suspect your other half is cheating, however much they state they are not, they are….”

“Know who you are before being one with a person.”

“No one has the same heart as you.”

“Don’t give too much. Just enough and make sure you leave yourself much enough of what you give.”

“I have learned there is someone in life that you are meant to be with, try and be patient.”

“A monogamist and a polygamist will never, ever work out.”

“Don’t love too much. Don’t trust too fast. Don’t give an effort unless he do the same thing too. Don’t let him treat you like a hell. Long-term relationship sometimes isn’t the best. If he told you that she is just a friend and he only loved you, please don’t trust him. He got some feelin’ for her. And the most important thing is if you already gave him too many chances to changed but he blew those chances, you already knew that he only take you for granted.”

“Never, ever walk on eggshells again. Be yourself.”

“Let go of anyone that weighs you down.”

“What lasts long doesn’t come easy, and what comes easy doesn’t last long.”

“Do not be overprotective of your partner. He/she will take you for granted.”

“That abuse is not just physical and never changes.”

“A decision made when your heart and mind are not in peace is not the right decision.”

“Learned to use actions to prove it instead of words. Never take the other for granted. Learned to provide support in whichever way is needed.”

“Women are fucking difficult.”

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